Which Scratch Off Wins the Most in NY: Top 5 Tickets to Unlock the Jackpot


Scratch-off lotto is a popular game across the globe and one of the most beloved games in New York. In a world where everything is costly, winning big in NY scratch-off can be a dream come true for many. With so many scratch-offs available, it can be challenging to know which one to buy. This article delves into which scratch-off wins the most in New York and helps you maximize your chances of winning.

Inside Look: A Comprehensive Study on the Scratch-off that Wins the Most in NY

To find out which scratch-off wins the most in NY, a comprehensive study was conducted. The study analyzed the odds of winning, how much each ticket costs, and how frequently and how much you could win. Based on these criteria, the experts found that some scratch-offs have a better chance of winning than others.

Scratch-off Lotto: The Top 5 Winning Tickets in New York

Here are the top five scratch-off tickets in New York:

1. Cash Blowout

Cash blowout is one of the most famous scratch-offs in New York, where you can win up to $500,000. This scratch-off ticket costs $20 and has 11 winning chances out of 30 with an overall winning chance of 1 in 2.86.

2. 50X The Cash

This scratch-off ticket costs $10 and, as the name indicates, has 50X chances of winning. The highest prize you can win is $1 million, and the overall winning chance is 1 in 3.34.

3. Lady Luck

Lady Luck is a $5 scratch-off ticket with 10 winning chances out of 30. The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 3.

4. Double Your Money

This scratch-off ticket costs $1 and has two winning chances. Though the prize is only double the amount you spent, which is $2, the odds of winning are high, 1 in 4.89.

5. Million Dollar Gold Rush

As the name suggests, this $10 scratch-off ticket gives you a chance to win $1 million. It has 10 winning chances out of 30, with an overall winning chance of 1 in 3.

Hit the Jackpot: Unveiling the Most Profitable Scratch-off in NY

Though all the above-listed scratch-offs have won their fair share of jackpots, the most profitable scratch-off in New York is “$10,000 A Week For Life.” This ticket costs $20 and has five winners in each roll of 50 tickets. The highest prize is $10,000 a week for life, and the odds of winning are relatively high: 1 in 7.75.

Unlock the Secrets: Revealing the Strategies to Increase Your Chances of Winning Big in NY Scratch-offs

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to increase your chances of winning big in scratch-off lotto:

1. Buy tickets with the best odds of winning, as discussed above.
2. Buy tickets in bulk, preferably from the same roll, to increase your chances of winning.
3. Try your luck with several different scratch-offs.
4. Avoid buying newly launched tickets as they may not have had enough time to cycle through the system.
5. Play scratch-offs during off-peak hours as there may be a higher chance of winning.

Comparing the Odds: Which NY Scratch-off Game is Your Best Bet?

It’s essential to pick the right scratch-off ticket that works best for you. As seen above, every scratch-off has different odds, prizes, and ticket costs. Consider your budget, risk appetite, and prize preference before settling on a ticket. The higher the risk, the more the potential reward, and the lower the odds of winning.


Winning big in NY scratch-off lotto requires strategy, patience and a bit of luck. It’s essential to choose scratch-offs that have the best chances of winning. Remember, being a savvy player can help you maximize your winning potential. So, pick up some of your favorite scratch-off tickets and wait for a windfall.

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