Where Does Neil Diamond Live? A Look at the Iconic Singer’s Abodes Across the Globe


From “Sweet Caroline” to “America,” Neil Diamond is one of the most iconic and successful music artists of all time. With over 125 million records sold worldwide, Diamond has been entertaining fans for decades. But where does this legendary singer call home? This article will explore the luxurious residences of Neil Diamond, from his hometown of Los Angeles to his international abodes.

An Interview with Neil Diamond: Where He Calls Home

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Neil Diamond opened up about his life and career. When asked about where he lives, Diamond said that he has called Los Angeles home since the 70s. He says that he enjoys living in the city because of its unique culture and climate. He also loves being surrounded by the entertainment industry.

When asked if he had any plans to move away from Los Angeles, Diamond said that he was happy with his current residence, but he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of moving somewhere else. He said that he loves to travel and explore different cultures, so he could see himself relocating at some point in the future.

Exploring the Luxurious Homes of Neil Diamond
Exploring the Luxurious Homes of Neil Diamond

Exploring the Luxurious Homes of Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond currently resides in a luxurious home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. The house is a Mediterranean-style villa that features a grand entrance hall, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a pool. The home also boasts stunning views of the surrounding hills and ocean. It is estimated to be worth around $17 million.

In addition to his Los Angeles home, Diamond owns several other properties across the country. He has vacation homes in Miami, Florida, and Aspen, Colorado, as well as a beachfront property in Malibu. He also owns a ranch in Montana and another home near Nashville, Tennessee.

A Tour of Neil Diamond’s Abodes Across the Globe

Diamond also owns several international properties, including a home in London, England, and a villa in the south of France. He also has a vacation home in Australia and a penthouse apartment in Tokyo, Japan. He also owns a few properties in Israel, where he was born.

In each of these locations, Diamond’s homes are luxurious and filled with amenities. From private pools to high-end appliances, these properties provide Diamond with a comfortable lifestyle no matter where he goes.

How Many Houses Does Neil Diamond Own?

It’s hard to say exactly how many homes Neil Diamond owns, as he has kept the details of his real estate portfolio private. However, estimates suggest that he owns between 10 and 20 properties across the globe. These include both residential and commercial properties.

Inside Look at Neil Diamond’s Private Residences

Though Diamond keeps the details of his residences private, there have been a few glimpses of his homes in the media. Photos of Diamond’s Los Angeles home have been published in magazines, showing the grandeur of the property. Other photos of his international residences have also surfaced online, giving fans a peek into his luxurious lifestyle.

Uncovering Neil Diamond’s Real Estate Portfolio

Neil Diamond has made a name for himself as one of the most successful musicians of all time. But he has also built a lucrative real estate portfolio, with luxurious homes across the globe. From Los Angeles to London, Diamond’s residences provide him with the comfort and convenience he needs to continue making great music.


This article explored the luxurious residences of iconic singer Neil Diamond. From interviews with the singer to photos of his abodes, we got a glimpse into the life of one of the most successful music artists of all time. Through it, we discovered that Diamond calls Los Angeles home, but he owns several other properties around the world. We also uncovered estimates of his real estate portfolio, which includes between 10 and 20 properties.

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