How to Hang a Chair Hammock: A Step-by-Step Guide


A chair hammock is an increasingly popular way to relax outdoors or even indoors. It is essentially a hammock that is suspended from a single point, like a tree branch or ceiling, and designed to be sat in rather than lay in. The benefits of using a chair hammock include improved posture, increased relaxation, and better blood circulation.

Gather the Necessary Materials

Before you begin, it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary materials. You will need a length of rope or chain, depending on the type of hammock chair you have chosen. Carabiner clips are also needed to attach the rope or chain to the eye bolt and the hammock chair. You will also need a secure anchor point, such as a beam or stud, onto which the eye bolt can be mounted. Finally, you will need a hammock chair.

Choosing the Appropriate Location

When deciding where to hang your chair hammock, it’s important to choose a location that is sheltered from wind and rain. Consider the direction of the sun and shade. You may also want to think about other factors such as privacy, safety, and accessibility.

Installing the Anchor Point

The next step is to install the anchor point. This is typically done by mounting a lag bolt into a secure beam or stud. Make sure the anchor point is securely fastened and can support the weight of the hammock chair and occupant.

Attaching the Chain or Rope
Attaching the Chain or Rope

Attaching the Chain or Rope

Once the anchor point is installed, you can then attach the chain or rope. Start by connecting one end of the rope or chain to the eye bolt with carabiner clips. Then connect the other end of the rope or chain to the hammock chair with carabiner clips.

Hanging the Hammock Chair

Using a ladder, carefully hang the hammock chair from the anchor point. Ensure that the height and angle of the chair are correct for comfortable use. If the chair is too low or too high, or if the angle is too steep, it could be uncomfortable or even unsafe to use.

Testing the Hammock Chair

Once the hammock chair is hung, it is important to test it for both security and weight. Make sure that the carabiners are securely attached to both the eye bolt and the hammock chair. Test the chair by sitting in it and gently rocking back and forth. If the chair feels secure and stable, it is safe to use.

Enjoying the New Chair Hammock

Now that your chair hammock is properly hung and tested, it is time to enjoy your new hangout spot! Relax in the chair and reap the benefits of improved posture, increased relaxation, and better blood circulation.


Hanging a chair hammock is a relatively straightforward process, but it is important to follow the steps carefully to ensure a safe and secure installation. With the right materials and instructions, you can easily hang a chair hammock and enjoy the many benefits that come with it.

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