How to Decorate Your Kitchen for Christmas: 8 Easy Steps


When it comes to decorating for Christmas, the kitchen often gets overlooked. But the kitchen is an important part of the home, so why not make it festive? With a few simple touches, you can transform your kitchen into a winter wonderland that your family will love. Read on to discover eight easy steps for decorating your kitchen for Christmas.

Utilize Festive Kitchen Textiles

One of the easiest ways to add festive cheer to your kitchen is to incorporate seasonal textiles. This could include anything from kitchen towels to placemats and tablecloths. Choose colors and patterns that match the rest of your holiday decor, such as red and green plaids or tartan prints. You can also opt for more subtle hues like whites and silvers if you prefer a more classic look.

When it comes to placement, kitchen towels are a great way to add a pop of color. Hang them on oven doors, cabinet knobs, or even the refrigerator handle. Placemats are perfect for the dining area, while tablecloths will give your kitchen table a festive feel. If you have a breakfast nook, consider adding a festive runner to the table.

Hang String Lights

String lights are a must-have for any holiday decor. Not only do they bring a touch of sparkle to your kitchen, but they also provide a warm, inviting glow. Choose lights in traditional colors like red and green, or go for something unexpected like rose gold or silver. Whatever you choose, be sure to hang them in places where they won’t get in the way of cooking and cleaning.

For a dramatic effect, hang the lights across the ceiling. You can also use command strips to stick them to the inside of cabinets, around windows, or along the backsplash. If you want to keep things more subtle, try using battery-powered fairy lights instead.

Create a Greenery Garland

A greenery garland is one of the best ways to instantly transform your kitchen into a festive winter wonderland. Choose a combination of evergreen branches, pinecones, and other natural elements. You can also add some faux snowflakes or berries for a bit of sparkle. For a truly unique look, try incorporating dried flowers or feathers.

Garlands can be hung from the ceiling, along the walls, or even around door frames. You can also drape them over cabinets, along the backsplash, or around the edges of windows and mirrors. For a more subtle look, try using a single strand of garland around the perimeter of the room.

Incorporate Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are a must-have for any holiday decor. Whether you choose traditional glass balls or whimsical felt shapes, they’re sure to add a cheerful touch to your kitchen. Hang them from the ceiling, along walls, or even from cabinet knobs. You can also use command hooks to attach them to the backsplash or windowsills.

For a more subtle look, try filling glass jars or vases with ornaments. Place them on shelves, counters, or even the dining table for a festive touch. You can also tie a ribbon around the neck of each jar for added color and texture.

Add Some Gingerbread Decor

Gingerbread houses and cookies are a staple of Christmas celebrations, so why not incorporate them into your kitchen decor? Hang gingerbread ornaments from the ceiling, or place small figures on shelves and counters. You can also make a gingerbread house centerpiece by stacking a few store-bought houses on top of each other.

For a more subtle look, try wrapping gingerbread cookie cutters in festive ribbon and tying them to cabinet knobs. You can also create a garland by stringing together gingerbread men and women. Hang it across the ceiling or along the backsplash for a whimsical touch.

Use Red and White Accents

Red and white are the classic colors of Christmas, making them perfect for adding a festive touch to your kitchen. Try hanging a red-and-white checked kitchen towel from the oven door or refrigerator handle. You can also use a red-and-white striped tablecloth for the dining table, or hang a red-and-white wreath on the wall.

For a more subtle look, try incorporating red and white accessories such as tea towels, dishcloths, and oven mitts. You can also use red-and-white dishes, cups, and bowls for a bit of color. And don’t forget to add a few sprigs of holly or mistletoe here and there for a festive finishing touch.


Decorating your kitchen for Christmas doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few simple touches, you can transform your kitchen into a cozy and inviting space. Utilize festive kitchen textiles, hang string lights, create a greenery garland, incorporate Christmas ornaments, add some gingerbread decor, and use red and white accents. These eight easy steps will help you create a festive kitchen that your family will enjoy all season long.

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