How to Cut Short Hair – Tips and Tricks for Perfect Results


Hair cutting is a skill that takes practice. Whether you’re a professional barber or an amateur DIY-er, getting the perfect cut on short hair is something that requires patience and precision. But with the right tools and techniques, anyone can learn to cut their own hair and achieve salon-worthy results.

In this guide, we’ll explain why it’s important to cut short hair correctly, and provide tips and tricks for getting the perfect cut. Keep reading to learn how to cut short hair like a pro.

Invest in the Right Tools

One of the most important steps in cutting short hair is having the right tools. Investing in a good pair of hair cutting scissors and clippers with adjustable guards will make the process much easier and more precise.

When choosing scissors, look for ones that are sharp and comfortable to hold. If you’re using clippers, make sure they have adjustable guards so you can easily change the length of the cut. This will help you create a consistent look throughout your hair.

Having the right tools will make it easier to get the desired results. Plus, it’s always safer to use professional-grade equipment than to try and cut your own hair with kitchen scissors.

Prep Your Hair

Before you start cutting, make sure your hair is damp, not wet. Wet hair is too slippery to cut accurately. Instead, lightly spritz your hair with water or use a light mist from a spray bottle. This will give you better control over the hair and help you get an even cut.

You should also make sure your hair is tangle-free. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle any knots or tangles before you begin cutting. This will make it easier to section off your hair and ensure a clean, even cut.

Separate Your Hair

Once your hair is prepped, it’s time to start dividing it into sections. Separating your hair into smaller parts makes it easier to cut evenly and gives you more control over the length of each section.

Start by creating a center part down the middle of your head. Then, use clips to separate the hair on either side of the part. Make sure you clip the back section of your hair separately from the sides to avoid any confusion.

If you’re cutting your own hair, you can use a mirror to make sure you’re getting an even cut. This will help you avoid mistakes and ensure your hair looks its best when you’re done.

Start Cutting

Now that your hair is separated into sections, it’s time to start cutting. Begin at the nape of the neck and work your way up. This will ensure that the hair is cut evenly and won’t be too short or too long.

When cutting, make sure to move slowly and use small snips. Don’t rush the process or you may end up with an uneven cut. Also, try to keep the length consistent throughout your hair. This will help you achieve a neat, polished look.

Trim Around the Ears

Once you’ve finished cutting the top and back sections of your hair, it’s time to move onto trimming around the ears. For this, you’ll want to use small scissors or a trimmer. This will help you get a precise cut and shape around the ears without taking off too much hair.

Make sure to move slowly and be careful not to take off too much hair. You don’t want your ears to be completely exposed, but you also don’t want them to be covered by too much hair.

Add Final Touches

Once you’ve finished cutting and trimming your hair, it’s time to add the final touches. Use a comb to neaten up any stray hairs and make sure your hair is lying flat. You can also use a bit of hairspray to hold the style in place.

Adding final touches is important for achieving a polished look. It will also help your hair stay in place all day and look its best.


Cutting short hair doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right tools, preparation and technique, anyone can get salon-worthy results. Invest in quality hair cutting scissors and clippers, prep your hair, separate it into sections, trim around the ears and add final touches for a perfect cut every time.

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