How to Cut Long Men’s Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide with Professional Tools


Cutting men’s long hair is an art that requires precision and skill. You need to be able to accurately section off the hair, trim the sides and blend the top in order to achieve a stylish, even look. Professional tools are essential to make sure that your cut is consistent and precise.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to get the perfect cut for your long hair.

Sectioning the Hair

Begin by sectioning the hair into four parts: the front, back, left side and right side. Start by parting the hair in the middle of the forehead and continue down the back of the head. Then, part the hair from the top of the ear on each side. Secure each section with clips or a headband.

Cutting the Sides

Use a clipper guard to trim the sides. Start at the top of the ear and move downwards towards the neckline. Make sure to keep the clipper guard at a 90 degree angle to the scalp. Do this on both sides to ensure symmetry.

Blending the Top

To blend the top, use scissors to cut the hair starting at the center part. Cut upwards in small sections, using your fingers as a guide. Continue cutting until the length of the hair is even throughout the top.


Once you have achieved the desired length and shape, add texture to the hair. Use a razor or texturizing shears to create a layered look. This will give the hair more volume and movement.


Cutting long men’s hair can be a challenge, but with patience and practice you can create a stylish, precise look. Invest in quality tools such as clippers, scissors and razors to ensure accuracy and consistency. By following these steps, you can achieve the perfect cut for your long hair.

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