How Much Money to Give for College Graduation Gift in 2022?


College graduation is an event to be celebrated! Sending your favorite graduate off with the perfect gift is a way to show them how proud you are of their hard work and dedication. But how much money should you give for a college graduation gift in 2022?

How Much Money to Gift a College Graduate in 2022
How Much Money to Gift a College Graduate in 2022

How Much Money to Gift a College Graduate in 2022

When deciding how much money to give for a college graduation gift, there are a few factors to consider. The most important factor is your relationship to the graduate. Are they a family member or close friend? How well do you know them and their financial situation? These are all things to think about before selecting an appropriate amount of money to give.

The average amount given for a college graduation gift varies depending on the region and the person’s relationship to the graduate. According to a survey conducted by Bankrate, the national average for a college graduation gift was $50 in 2020. This amount is likely to increase slightly in 2022 due to inflation.

A Guide to Appropriate College Graduation Gifts for 2022

When it comes to college graduation gifts, cash isn’t always the best option. There are plenty of other creative and thoughtful gifts that can be given to show your appreciation and support. Consider giving a gift card for a place the graduate will frequent often such as a grocery store or restaurant. Or, give a practical gift like a laptop or printer. Other options include books, art, jewelry, or a subscription service.

Personalization is key when selecting a college graduation gift. If you know the graduate’s interests or hobbies, use that information to select something meaningful. For example, if they love to cook, give them a set of cooking utensils. Or, if they are a music lover, get them concert tickets. Thoughtful gifts like these will be appreciated and remembered long after the graduation celebration has ended.

What is the Going Rate for College Graduation Gifts in 2022?

The going rate for college graduation gifts in 2022 will depend on the region and the graduate’s relationship to the giver. Generally speaking, gifts from family members tend to be more expensive than those from friends or acquaintances. In addition, gifts in certain regions may be more expensive due to the cost of living. For example, college graduates in California may receive higher dollar amounts than those in Iowa.

In addition, national trends can influence how much money is given for college graduation gifts. In recent years, more people have been opting for experiences rather than material items. This could mean anything from a trip abroad to a spa day. It’s also becoming increasingly popular to donate to a charity the graduate supports instead of giving a physical item.

What is an Acceptable Amount to Give for a College Graduation Gift in 2022?

When selecting an acceptable amount to give for a college graduation gift in 2022, consider the graduate’s financial situation. If they are financially stable, then a higher dollar amount may be appropriate. However, if they are still in college or just starting out their career, a smaller amount may be more suitable. It’s important to keep in mind the cost of living in the area where the graduate lives and factor that into your decision.

What Should You Spend on a College Graduation Gift in 2022?

When selecting a college graduation gift in 2022, it’s important to budget accordingly. If you don’t have enough money to give a large sum, there are plenty of other gifts that don’t require a hefty price tag. Consider writing a heartfelt letter or making a photo album of memories shared together. You could also give a gift of time by offering to help the graduate with something they need assistance with.

If you do decide to give cash, make sure you allocate funds appropriately. Set aside a certain amount for the college graduation gift and stick to it. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, not the amount of money spent.


Deciding how much money to give for a college graduation gift in 2022 doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By considering the graduate’s financial situation, regional differences, and national trends, you can select an appropriate amount to give for a college graduation gift. Don’t forget to add a personal touch and get creative with your gift selection to make it extra special.

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