Hair Donation: How Many Inches Should You Donate?

This article explores the different lengths of hair that are accepted by organizations for donations and provides tips for making a successful hair donation. It also looks at the benefits of donating hair and how to make the most out of your hair donation.

How Soon Can I Exercise After Giving Blood?

Exercising soon after giving blood can be beneficial for your health, but it is important to consider certain factors before starting. Learn about the best types of exercises, how long to wait before exercising, and some tips for staying safe.

Is it Sunnah to Buy New Clothes for Eid?

Eid is a special occasion in the Islamic calendar to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Is it sunnah to buy new clothes for Eid? This article explores the Islamic perspective on buying new clothes for Eid, unpacks sunnah practices around shopping for Eid clothing, debunks myths about buying new clothes, and examines the benefits of investing in new clothes for Eid.

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